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Jul, 2020

2020 Summer & Fall Season Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

Chester Little League, 

Chester, NY

Chester Little League Safety Plan 2020

A practical approach to leadership responsibility for Little League Baseball returned to play as a result of COVID-19.  Chester LL Board reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel the season to preserve safety and health of the community. 

The COVID-19 pandemic presents Little League organizations with a myriad of challenges. Chester Little League’s Board offers this document as guidance on how Chester Little League is approaching the many components of “returning-to-play” baseball/ softball within our community. 

2.4 General Recommended Standards:The list of recommendations below set out the minimum standards for the organization of Baseball/Softball competitions. These guidelines will help mitigate the risk of COVID- 19 infections – they cannot eliminate it completely. Any return to competition and implementation of this guidance should be established in conjunction with the relevant local authorities. 

✓ Implementation of Safe Physical Distance: 

o Minimum six (6) feet during and after physical activity; 

o If spectators are in attendance, specific spectator measures for physical distancing shall be set as required/recommended by the local public health authorities. 6-8 feet will be marked off for designisted families/ Spectators to sit in outlining the outfield fences. 

O Bleachers will be marked with an X of where not to sit to keep to social distancing. 

O No more than 2-3 players in the dugout at a time, on opposite ends to keep social distancing. Spots to be marked on the dugout bench. Extra players will be under tents provided by the league to keep players out of the sun and keep to social distancing. Players will be supervised by coaches or 1 team parent. 

O Players are not required to wear a mask during play, at bat or in the field.

✓ Establishment of hygiene standards: 

o Wash hands frequently for at least twenty (20) seconds; 

o Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with your hands; 

o Sneeze and/or cough in a tissue or the internal crease of the elbow. Avoid contact of hands with personal respiratory points;

 o Provide appropriate contactless, closed containers for all disposable and reusable hygiene material (e.g. tissue, towels, etc.)

O No parents or spectators will be allowed past the blocked off areas. 

✓ Prevention devices: 

o Use of gloves and personal face masks by all concession personnel; 

✓ Equipment: 

o Avoid sharing personal devices such phones, computers, tablets, etc.; o Avoid personal clothing/equipment being left in common places. Store inside personal bag always; 

o Avoid sharing of competition equipment. Each athlete should have his/her own bat, helmet, glove, batting gloves, rosin bags, etc.;

 o Participants should bring personalized water bottles. Under no circumstances should they be shared. 

O All coaches will have disinfectant spray for all equipment, they will have hand sanitizer for each child before and after games. 

O Hand sanitizer will be available at the concession stand for everyone.  

O Compliant game balls must be designated to each team for use while that team is playing defense.

✓ Participants: 

o Pre-event self-evaluation health assessments mandatory. Players, CLL Members, spectators, umpires, coaches, and parents are to report any fever, cough, or sickness to the coach or board. 

O No spitting or eating seeds, gum, or other similar products. 

✓ Venues: 

o Thorough disinfection of common spaces before/after competition including: 

▪ Dugouts; 

▪ Common areas; 

▪ Concession/Food stands; 

Umpires/ Officials 

❖ Check-in and registration for all events. 

❖ Must conduct daily symptom check, as above. 

❖ Umpires calling balls and strikes will do so standing behind the pitcher adhering to six-foot social distancing practices. 

❖ Must wear face coverings at all times. 

❖ Must avoid exchanging documents or equipment with players, coaches, or spectators. 

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